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Quality and safety are our first priority so we have created this page where you can find our clear Warranty, Returns & Refunds policies.
Please make sure that you read it before placing an order as we are not after unhappy customers.

We, WatchMyRide guarantee everything we sell or we would not be selling it.
Warranty is not transferable without our written consent.
When claiming your warranty, you will be asked to provide proof of purchase and serial number, if where applicable.
Our warranty protects you from manufacturing faults/defects.
This warranty from us is an addition to your legal rights provided by the consumer Rights Act 2015.

What our warranty covers?
- All accessories are covered with a 3 month warranty.
- New electric scooter’s part like batteries, controllers, throttle display are covered with a 6 month warranty.
- Electric scooter’s frames and motors are covered with a 12 month warranty.
- Switches, lights etc. are covered with a 3 month warranty.
- Consumables like tyres, inner tubes, brake discs, hinge clips, decks, panels, lights, bearings and cables will only be replaced if defective at the time of delivery.
- Batteries, controllers, displays bought from our shop/website do not come with a warranty for several reasons.
First reason is that most buyers want to install them on their own even if they actually don’t have the experience and/or knowledge to do so properly and they might damaging them.
Another very unfortunate one is that some buyers try to return their faulty used parts to us claiming them to be the new part we sent out to them.
Finally, we don’t send out products for buyers just for the sake of trying them out and unfortunately there are buyers that think they can just do that.
These parts have been checked upon receipt from the manufacturer by us and they will be checked again before being dispatched to make sure that they are in proper working order.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of the above, feel free to buy your parts from another shop/seller.

Warranty is covering you against manufacturing faults on electric scooters or parts sold by us. This warranty is limited to repair or replacing the defective scooter/part.

When buyer is not covered by the warranty?
* Water damage, general wear & tear, misuse, modification of any kind, corrosion damage, incompatible parts or accessories installation, accidental crash or damage, neglect.
The above are not covered by your warranty as they cannot be accounted as manufacturing faults. 

Warranty claim process:
- Contact us via our email address: or to 02033027568-07741553305.
- Provide proof of purchase, if requested, and inform us about the fault/defect. We might ask you for pictures/videos so that we can determine the issue based on the information you will provide and decide if you need to send, the defective part/s or the scooter itself, back to us or we will send a replacement to you.
- If the part/scooter fault/defect is proven to be manufacturer fault or transit damaged we will provide you with a return label. If it turns out that it was damaged by you the buyer, then you will have to bear the return shipping cost.
Soonest we receive the fault part/scooter we will proceed with sending out a replacement.
- if it is not possible to determine the fault through our communication we might require for the part/scooter to be returned to us. Once your goods are received, they will be assessed by us and soonest we confirm that it is defective or faulty and within the warranty terms and conditions, your product will be repaired or replaced, free of charge.
- If the issue requires specific parts that they are not in stock on our store, then we will have to order it from the manufacturer. This might prolong waiting time for your repair and we cannot set time limit in such occurrence but we will do everything in our power so you will get your product as soon as possible.

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