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Battery Maintenance

Welcome to WatchMyRide Battery Maintenance page. As an electric motor store we will provide with some important information in order to keep your battery on it's best contrition for as long as possible. As we said before quality and safety comes first to us

80-20 Rule of Thumb: depending on the Voltage capacity of ur scooter (36v 48v 52v 60v 72v)


1. 80% - stop charging (full charging to 100% is advisable once a month).

2. 20%- start charging, this should be the lowest point that ud go, dont go below! (full drain is advisable to be done occassionally too).


Charging should never be based off the Battery Gauge as much as possible. it should be based off the volt meter (if ur scooter has one) thus, the volt meter chart (see the full chart posted above)


Ex: I have a 60V scooter

1. 80% = 63.4V (ill stop charging unless its time for the once a month full charge which is 67.2V or if I have a long trip ahead)


2. 20% = 51.8V (ill start charging unless its time for the occassional full drain)


Charging to 100% should only be a concern if you're planning to NOT use the scooter for a long period of time (keeping the charge around 50% is recommended for long time inactivity)



1. Battery should not be left empty for a long period of time.
2. Battery should be fully charged once a month and the rest of the time charged up to 80%.
3. Never ride until the battery is totally empty, when it’s about 20% head back to charge it.
4. Avoid overcharging it (If possible).
5. Batteries should not be kept near fire or explosive objects.
6. Batteries should be kept away from children.
7. Charging the battery should be done in a dry and well ventilated area.
8. Don’t cover the footboard while charging the scooter as it might cause it to overheat.
9. Disassembly of the battery will void your warranty.
10. It’s strictly forbidden to use any wires to bridge the battery poles and such action will void your warranty.
11. We suggest that you only use a charger supplied by us or the manufacturer.
12. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for long time.
13. Store in a shaded and well ventilated area during the summer and in a warm and dry one during the winter time.
14. Do not charge more than 18 hours continuously.
15. Don’t leave the charger plugged into the scooter after it is fully charged.
16. Make sure you align the pins when connecting the charger as you might cause damage.
17. Battery should be kept in a temperature between 5-30 degrees Celsius.
18. Don’t try to charge the battery if you spot that the charging port or the charger is damaged as you will only cause more damage.


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