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Welcome to WatchMyRide Must Do page. As an electric motor store we will provide with some important information which you should always consider for your own safety.
As we said before quality and safety comes first to us.

1. Read your manuals provided with the scooter before you start
2A.Check all bolts and use ‘loctite blue’ where needed
2B. Make sure the stem and handlebars are tight and secured before riding each and every single time(important safety check).
Whenever you fold and unfold the scooter, make sure that the hinge locks in place and that it’s locked in proper position
3. Check PSI on tires and check your brakes, adjust them to your need (tighter or looser)
4. Wear a helmet (full face preferably)
5. If you want to wear knee pads, elbow pads and/or a chest protector for safety, do it no shame at all.
6. Turn off cruise control
7. Turn on kick to start (very important)
8. Your P settings can be found on your manual or in a YouTube video so check it out
9. Have your first ride on slow speed, Eco mode and speed 1 (no shame)
10. Make sure you have proper lighting
11. We suggest that you have your Allen keys and pump on your journey in case you need them.
12. Do routine maintenance on your scooter
13. If you have any initial issues with scooter contact us and we will do our best to help you
14. If you don’t have a bell/horn, get one
15. Drive safe. Drive responsibly, we represent the scooter community, how people judge us in the future is solely based on us
so be courteous to others and give people right of way and just have respect for others
16. Watch out for other vehicles, especially on turns
17. Never look down while riding, keeps eyes on the road, one second mistake can be costly
18. If riding at night be extremely careful, make sure you have reflectors and add lights if needed
19. You can use RideWithGPS/STRAVA to record your trip
20. Do NOT take your hands off the handlebars while driving
21. Use goggles or visors (bugs can hit your eye and cause a crash because it’s not expected)
22. Never brake only with the front brake, if you need to brake suddenly, using both the front and rear brake is safer.

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