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We are located at BR53DE Orpington, UK

Our ambition is to create a one stop online store for most if not all your needs. Our electric scooters range might not be as extensive as many would like because we are making sure that any scooter listed and sold by us have to pass our safety and quality standards.
We will keep searching for more scooters/parts that can be added/sold by our store.
As you will see on our scooters description, we are comfortable enough to give you as many details possible and accurate description of them as everything in them have been checked from us before it is on for sale.
Quality and safety comes are our top priorities and we are looking for happy returning customers and we would never advise you to buy something that we believe that it’s not right for you.
All of our products are new & unused, unless stated otherwise in their description, they have undergone a quality check for flaws and/or marks.
We keep an extensive range of parts and accessories in stock so you won't have to wait for them to arrive from the manufacturer.

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