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Maintaining  & Cleaning your scooter

Your scooter should be regularly maintained so you can preserve its stunning appearance and condition for a long time.
By maintain and cleaning your scooter, you don’t only keep its appearance nice, you are also extending its durability and improving its performance.
Give emphasis on the folding mechanism, the tires, the brakes and the motors. Keep in mind that vibration will loosen up the screws sooner or later so it’s important that you keep an eye on them.
You can use the Loctite (blue) for securing the screws.

Things to look after:
a) Folding mechanism.
b) Stem.
c) Handlebar.
d) Front suspension.
e) Rear suspension.
f)  Front motor.
g) Rear motor
Check your brakes regularly, if you notice extensive corrosion or wear of the brake disks and pads make sure to replace them as soon as possible.
Check your motors regularly and if you notice any naked cables make sure that you isolate them with proper electrical tape or replace them immediately.
Check your tires once a week and make sure that:
a) The air pressure is correct.
b) They still have a good tread
c) They are still performing good when you’re braking in general and on wet surface.
d) If there’s extensive wear or they are not performing well, replace them soonest possible.
e) Don’t lubricate the tires or the rims before riding, always allow some time for them to dry out.

Seal all cover cups, electrical connections and anything that you can see or you even think that might be damaged by water.
It’s recommended that you use a soft sponge and a mild cleaning solution so you avoid damaging any sensitive components of the scooter.
Dry the scooter with a soft, dry cloth.
Don’t use high pressure or a steam cleaner as this might cause penetration of the water into the bearings, electrical components or into the deck were all the wires and battery are kept and thereby possibly causing extensive damage.
You can use a small brush or even a toothbrush for the very small areas.

Avoid splashing water, soap or anti-corrosion product on tires, brake discs and brake pads.
After washing your scooter perform braking on a low speed several times so the pads will dry before riding normal.


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