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Headlight/Spotlight 30W BSM for electric scooters, e-bikes, moto, ATVs etc.

* Great quality
* Long lifespan over 10.000 hrs,
* Low power consumption.
* Aluminium alloy and comprising high-quality LED lamps, IP65 waterproof rating, all weather functionality.
* Perfect addition to PEVs, motorcycles, ATVs, ensuring good visibility whether you ride in the night or in poor weather conditions by converting 90% of the electrical energy into light energy, the integrated LED lamps emit light that reaches far enough giving you the confidence you need in these mentioned conditions.
* Able to perform as standard headlight-High beam & low beam. Plus, you will receive a solid, durable bracket so it will be easy to add on all scooters, motorcycles, bikes handlebars.
* Aluminium Alloy material which making it anti-rust and corrosion resistant and will be used for a long time.
* Instant on/off, no warm-up

* Material: aluminium alloy,
* Light colour: white
* Power: 30w
* lumen: 1200
* Cable length: 50cm
* Suitable for: e-bikes, electric scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, cars etc.
* Working Voltage: DC12-80V

*Images on this page are for illustration only and due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual colour or dimensions shown, they item might be slightly different from the colour showed on the pictures.

Professional assistant is required to install them because you might need to also install a voltage regulator. If you don’t, they will burn soonest you try to connect them.

Headlight/Spotlight 30W BSM for electric scooters, e-bikes, moto, ATVs etc. BSM

SKU: WMR10LI0029
VAT Included