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Headlights/Spotlights set 30W Auxiliary 10-80V 2000lm scooters, e-bikes, moto, cars etc., as pictured.

* The pure aluminium housing can withstand various harsh environments with strength and durability. Upgraded bifocal lens The special bifocal shape design can help refract and focus light, and significantly improve the focusing effect. Our LED spotlights can be used for 30,000 hours and are IP65 rated against water, dust, shock and corrosion.
* The specially customized dual-tail streamlined lamp housing, and the fins attached to the lamp body can greatly increase the contact area with the air, thereby speeding up the heat dissipation rate. The best heat dissipation effect and the best heat seal ability. It extends the life of the light bar by over 30,000 hours.
* Special bifocal shape design and special optical lens, which help light refraction and focus, significantly improve the condensing effect, and provide enough brightness for night driving.
* Appearance design, double tail streamline shape + top fin Chip design, obtain the best heat dissipation effect, greatly prolong the service life of the product Three-line two-colour design - amber light penetrates strongly in rainy and foggy days; cool white light makes night travel comfortable.
* Suitable for electric scooters, e-bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, cars, etc.