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Headlight 4 LED with build in horn, as pictured.

*There are 2 choices of 4 LED headlight with build in horn BSN for you to choose.

These lights are compatible with scooter models like the Viper Venom, the Firefly, the Kugoo M4 and more, making them a versatile choice for various vehicle models. In case your vehicle works with a different voltage than these then you should use a voltage regulator in order for them to work and not burn them soonest you try to connect them.
* Suitable for electric scooters, e-bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, cars etc.
* Made of high-quality material, durable and practical to use

*Material: ABS plastic
*Shell Colour: Black
* Light colour: White

*Images on this page are for illustration only and due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual colour or dimensions shown, they item might be slightly different from the colour showed on the pictures.

Professional assistant is required to install them because you might need to also install a voltage regulator. If you don’t, they will burn soonest you try to connect them.

Headlight 4 LED with build in horn for electric scooters, e-bikes, moto BSN

VAT Included