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You will receive a beam Spot lights, headlights set BSB1, as pictured.

They are suitable for electric scooters, e-bikes, motorcycles.
Aluminium Alloy housing ,waterproof, anti-explosion.
Brighter light for the road. In fog, rain or snow the low, wide light prevents light from being reflected back into the rider's eyes.
The fog lamp projects a low, wide beam of light with a very sharp cut-off.

There are no instructions on how to fit them so if you don't know how then we suggest that you seek for professional help.

Beam Spot lights, headlights set BSB1 for e-scooters-e-bikes-Motorcycles

SKU: WMR10LI0017
VAT Included
Out of Stock
  • Model Number : T1Sa
    Product Name : Auxiliary Spot Light
    Type: Third Generation
    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Shell Color: Silver
    Light Color: White/Yellow
    Voltage: 12-80V
    Power: 20W per piece
    Total height: 9.5cm approx.
    Width: 8.5cm approx.
    Lumens : 2500LM per piece
    IP Rating : IP67
    Lifespan : 30,000 Hours
    Beam : Spot Beam
    Quantity: 2pcs

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