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Headlights/Spotlight U5 LED 12V set of 2 for electric scooters, e-bikes, moto, ATVs etc., as pictured.

* 3 light modes; Low beam, High beam and Strobe
* Irradiation range: Approximately 150° wide radiation range, clear and wide side vision, increasing driving safety.
* Waterproof rating IPX6 waterproof, direct water from any direction will not enter the interior.
* Thickened air dissipation
: Fast heat dissipation, aluminium material dissipates heat, which can quickly disperse the heat emitted by the lamp beads, extending the life of the lamp.
* Better brightness than general lighting, long life 30000-50000 hours, strong collecting light, long range.

* High-strength wear-resistant alloy, grinding shape, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, texture of the surface