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You are buying a G-Booster Nutt hydraulic brakes set, Front Right & Rear Left side calipers, as pictured.

Front brake cable is about 130cm and rear is about 200cm.
Some of the scooters that you can fit the Nutt brake sets are:
#Kugoo G-booster
#Kugoo ES3
#Dualtron Ultra
and possibly many more but keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make sure that they will fit on your scooter. You might need to replace the mount brackets too if you need other than 160/140 that these set is coming with.
You are welcome to contact us if you are not sure what side callipers you need.

You can have a look on this video for some instructions:

There are no futher instructions on how to fit them so if, after watching the video, you are still not sure that you can fit them then we strongly suggest that you seek professional help.

G-Booster Nutt hydraulic brakes set, Front Right & Rear Left calipers

SKU: WMR03BR0015
VAT Included