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Emanba offers you low priced but good quality electric scooters.
electric scooter Emanba L10 800W have most of the features of a premium-priced electric scooter down to an entry-level price point and we are excited to offer it to you as such.
Where savings come is mostly on the battery size as it comes with a 13Ah one. Maximum speed on the L10 is around 23mph* and it will give you around 15-20 miles range per charge.

Yes, it is cheap for an 800W scooter but if you are looking for better performance than the above then this scooter is NOT for you. 

800W, single rear wheel brushless motor and a 13A Lithium-ion battery, 10" tube tyres, IP55 waterproof rating, front 4 led headlight, driving & brake taillight to ensure your night riding safety. Ignition Key, mechanical disc brakes & side led strips lights.

electric scooter Emanba L10 800W (single motor), 48V/13Ah - 23mph*

SKU: WMR01SC0023
VAT Included