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This scooter is not available in the UK at the moment as UK customs is making it impossible for suppliers to import big electric scooters. We hope that the matter will be solved quickly, make sure you check back for any updates.

European customers will receive the scooter within 3-5 days as they normally do until now.

* Subject to availability so we think that it's better to contact us before you place your order.
* Please check Dispatch & Delivery section to avoid disappointment.
* Sandpaper and logo on the footboard might be different from what you see on the pictures.

electric scooter 6000W Nighthawk X is one of our newest additions to our fun squad.
Powerful brushless 2800W motors on each wheel, will easily ride a 35 degree slopes and the most important part, with you on it and not pushing it!
We always recommend on new or not skilled riders to ride for a good amount of time in a lower gear 1st or second so you can get used of it, before riding it full speed.
Its 60V/30Ah Panasonic lithium will give you a good range, please see specs and speed /range explanations.

What we most like about our Nighthawk X?
* Lights, lights and lights!
* Sturdy and hydraulic compression suspe.
* Impressive hydraulic braking system that it's designed to work both front and back wheel.
* You can fold the frame within seconds and store it in the trunk of your car, ready to take on vacation or on a day out to the beach!

Nighthawk X can and will take you anywhere, no matter what the conditions, on a muddy country path or the busy city streets.

electric scooter 6000W Nighthawk X - 60V/30Ah Panasonic battery - 50+mph*

SKU: WMR01SC0017
£1,799.90 Regular Price
£1,649.90Sale Price
VAT Included