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You cannot add the large display from Yunli on these controllers.
You are buying a part depending on your choice, as pictured. We have added a complete set with QS-S4 throttle display, at a discounted price, if this is what you are after.

Introducing the newer generation of Yunli controllers with these 72V/60A Yunli Black Edition controllers set, easy replacement Sinewave FOC (18 Mosfets).
Designed to make your life easier and cheaper to maintain your electric scooter. You can very easy replace a faulty controller yourself as you don't need to unplug all the cables anymore, you jus need to disconnect the motor, battery cables and the plug that hold all other cable together.
There is also no need to search for a or b controller and worry when one of the 2 is not in stock for you to buy because any controller can be used as A or B. Only thing to keep in mind is that both controllers must be the same model and match.

Controller's case dimensions are: 185 x 105 x 45mm. approx.

Feel free to contact before purchasing them for any questions or conserns you might have or if you would like to get more pictures of it.
There are no instructions with it so if you don't have the knowledge on how to fit them, we strongly suggest that you seek professional help.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All wires and plugs of the controllers are pictured.

Providing effective protection for your battery and motor:
Rotation-Clogging Protective System
Current-limit Protection
Phase line short circuit protection
Undervoltage Protection


*Smooth feel linear acceleration
*Strong torque
*Electric Brake: Re-charging battery when braking, (This function can only be activated if the discharge port of the battery has effective in-charged function)